Maya has been extremely helpful to me, she has an amazing way of helping you see things a bit clearer, putting your inner thoughts out there into words, making you...

Maya is a very competent coach. From our first session I knew that I can trust her. She speaks clearly and professionally and at the same time creates a friendly atmosphere. I started attending coaching sessions because I didn't feel motivated enough to act towards my goal...

I have never discussed my career challenges before, or at least not like this! I expected a certain result when I started my sessions, but it was nothing like that. Maya revealed what was really inside of me for me to see and I was surprised. My career took a turn for the better. Do not hesitate to give her a call! Jennifer B.

Changing requires some guidance. Maya 's coaching sessions helped me believe that I am free to do whatever makes me happy. And what is more, made me confident and eager to keep doing what I want and what I feel right. Thanks, Coach.

Deep inside we all have the solutions to our problems, but sometimes it's hard to find them. Thank you, Maya, for helping me understand this and find my solutions.

I've never believed in coaching before and never thought that it can help improve my life. And that was before I met Maya. In only two sessions she helped me learn managing my time and get used to my entirely new work environment. Thank you, Maya!

Love Finder

Online Dating Coaching gives you better value for money with a certified coach! Whether you like someone and you are not sure how to approach them, or you don't like anyone in particular yet, but are impatient to meet your soul mate - Blizzard to a Breeze Online Dating Coaching is for you! Feel more confident and attractive within weeks. Use the Contact form to Book you FREE Consultation!

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Online Business and Career Coaching

Online Business and Career Coaching gives you better value for your money! Maya, Blizzard to a Breeze senior coach, has used her Management background to develop 5 Layer Coaching process, which will help you get where you want to be (or really close) within weeks! We take into consideration the specific role of women in business and help you grow in a man's world. Use the Contact form to book your FREE Consultation now!

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Certified Life Coach Maya

I help women be in happy relationships while having amazing careers. Do you have a problem deciding on your professional path? Would you like to start a business, but time is never enough? And how about finding and keeping a loving relationship? If you are committed to change and prepared to breakthrough you are ready for some Blizzard To A Breeze Coaching.

I keep you accountable for your goals and provide not just a pat on the back, but actual results in my programs:

Why Online Coaching?

Online and Phone coaching are over 50% of the Life Coaching industry. In the days of developed technology, most people prefer Online or Phone Life Coaching because of:

  • Better Value for Money - online life coaching allows lower rates for same results, due to saved expenses
  • Easy to Get to - you don't need to spend time and money travelling to a coach's office
  • Extra Anonymity  - online or phone coaching provides extra anonymity, which is what most of my clients define as a top benefit of coaching - talking to someone that has no relation to your life whatsoever, yet has the tools and interest in improving it