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June 8, 2015 Business Coaching, Relationship coaching

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.” – Stephen Covey (tweet that!)

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A few years ago I started writing my first novel about a girl in love with a rock star. In the mean time I also started my business, so the novel is still work in progress, but what matters is that around it I have done tons of research about rock stars and their love stories. Latest thing I’ve done is watch the Kurt Cobain movie. It’s alright by the way.

What’s in it for you?

So, beside a short movie review, what do you get from any of this? Well, it turns out there are a few things rock stars can teach us about success in business and in love, if you get past all the glamor and look carefully.

Business Tips From A Rock Star

To be a rock star means to be successful at what you do. Here are a few awesome rock-star business tips.small business tips

Go with your pain

Rock stars don’t generally start playing the guitar or writing songs with the sole purpose of selling. At least not in the beginning and for most, not until the end. They make music that expresses their personalities, their pain, their joy in whatever way they feel is right. This is what touches the audience and generates fans. This is what differs amazing, super successful musicians from … well … Spice Girls, for example. Sorry, girls!

The bottom line is this – most successful businesses have solved a problem their owners once had, so they truly cared about solving it. If you have faced a certain challenge, you can be certain others have too.

Small Business Tip: Do what you find enjoyable

When people say “rock star” they imagine the money, the glamor, the hot girls, penthouse suits in 5-star hotels, trips around the world in private jets… You get the idea. But in the beginning of it all there were basements and lousy gigs, and cheap guitars. What got the successful ones through that was their love for what they were doing, regardless of where and how. They enjoyed making music. Simple as that.

So when you are choosing your livelihood, think about what you enjoy doing, not the results you will get from it. A fun question to ask yourself is “Would I still love that if I had to do it in a basement?”

Don’t get distracted from people’s opinion

Once you are in the public eye, there will be people who like you and people who dislike you. It doesn’t matter if you business will reach 1000 clients or 1 000 000 clients – you will get some bad reviews, you will hear some critique, you will feel down from time to time. Don’t let that get to you though – keep doing what you do best and you will keep getting the results you want.

Love Tips for Girls

I admit it – rock stars are not exactly great at love and relationships, but this still gives us something to work with. Based on what NOT to do, here are a few rock-star tips on what to do in order to have an awesome personal life.

Be aware of who love tips for girlsyou like and why

Many of the successful rock musicians are coming from dysfunctional families and are projecting all that in their own love life. While we all do that, there are certainly ways to gain awareness on what we are attracted to and why; how to overcome any self-destructive desires and not repeat the mistakes we witnessed. Unfortunately, I see women looking for the “wrong” type of guys all the time exactly because they lack awareness about what their emotional brain wants and why.

Incorporate your love life in your other life in a healthy way

Some people just don’t know how to have relationships. It’s not that they don’t want to learn, mostly they just don’t believe it’s possible. Well, it is possible. Having a relationship could enhance all other areas of your life, if you only make space for it by re-setting a few priorities. It’s not that complicated! Rock stars usually forget to do this. Their job and their reputation come first – and happy relationships can’t really take that.

Never let others get to you

Well, chances are your relationship troubles won’t be on the cover of all tabloids. Luckily. But there might be friends and family in the way who will play with your fears while thinking they do it for your own good. Yes, you need to make wise choices about who to be in a relationship with, but once you’ve made that choice and  you two are happy together, this should be above all. Period.

My name is Maya and I help women be in happy relationships while having amazing careers. If you want to be noted when I write something here or get some real cool ideas to apply in your personal and professional life, join Blizzard to a Breeze mailing list bellow (+ you get a cool gift if you do). I promise you will love it!

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