To find your dream job (or dream man)…

June 4, 2015 Career coaching, Relationship coaching

I wonder what happened to doing. In this day and age, we are all about thinking. Cause we’re smart. But are we really?

Here’s the deal. I am a coach, so I am all for thinking. When people get lost in all voices in their head, they call me. And pay me. Yey.

But every once in a while you have to give something away. So here … (continue reading)

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Do you suffer from results addiction?

February 27, 2015 Career coaching

Quitting my corporate career and trying to build a successful coaching practice and write a novel is  hands down the most difficult thing I have ever done. Though it didn’t seem that difficult when I took the decision to leave my big comfy desk. I have had enough with my comfy desk and, quite the opposite of everyone else, I hated Fridays. Partly, because my work phone wouldn’t stop ringing regardless of days and hours. But mostly because … (continue reading)

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Kathy Caprino on success: “The first thing is I wasn’t going to take no for an answer”

October 29, 2014 Business Coaching, Career coaching

One of the statements you can often hear from a life coach is that it’s good to have role models. And it is – somebody somewhere has already achieved the results you are striving for, or better, so why not learn from them. I of course have my own list of role models too, and with names like Tony Robins and J.K.Rolling on it, I have never thought I will be able to actually talk  to one of … (continue reading)

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How to talk to your boss

March 28, 2014 Career coaching

You and your direct manager may work great together, or even be friends. Still, when it comes to higher management – people who hire and fire; who give raises and who punish – talking calmly, clearly and within reason can be challenging. Here are some tricks, that can make you the favorite of your boss.

Short and clear – you may be worried about whether they will understand … (continue reading)

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