Do you suffer from results addiction?

February 27, 2015 Career coaching

Quitting my corporate career and trying to build a successful coaching practice and write a novel is  hands down the most difficult thing I have ever done. Though it didn’t seem that difficult when I took the decision to leave my big comfy desk. I have had enough with my comfy desk and, quite the opposite of everyone else, I hated Fridays. Partly, because my work phone wouldn’t stop ringing regardless of days and hours. But mostly because it reminded me that yet another week of my life went by without me moving even an inch closer to what I really wanted.

How I decided that I really wanted to build a coaching practice and write a novel is a process I will not bore you with. A relatively long process, at the end of which I thought this should be the most natural thing for me, it would come easy and be enjoyable all the way. Is anyone out there able to take me a few years back so I can slap me out of this stupidity?

Anyhow, I tried and I pushed, and I wrote, and I coached, and one thing I succeeded in: I figured out why the hell it was so difficult. It was the same reason that my not too many clients have stated their businesses were difficult for them to build also. I was suffering from…

Results Addiction.

A dangerous condition nobody has ever heard of, but one we are raised imagesand thought to have. We want attention since we are children and every time we do something “good”, we get a pat on the shoulder. Or a brownie. When we are at school, we get an A. When we are at work, we get a raise. If we take an exam, we either pass or fail. If apply for a job, we either get it or we don’t. We get immediate response, and if you are what’s considered a “normal” human being, most of the responses in your life have been positive. And that is exactly how we get results addicted.

A “result” is a different thing for different people, of course. For some, it is money. For others, approval. A finished task. Certain reward. And we want it NOW!

Especially negative part about the results addiction is that you can’t buy results from 7/11 or a local pub. And you can’t get from a dealer. Yet, you desperately need it. So what do we do to get it?

Like most addictions, results addiction often kills our dreams and lives. 

We want to build a business, but if it doesn’t bring results for a while, we go back to our jobs. That’s where we get our dose of results, insufficient, but better than nothing. We want to write a book, but we want results now. We want to have a happy marriage, but we want results now. We give up everything bringing results after our own…

Results Barrier. 

The higher your results barrier is, the better chance you have at succeeding in whatever you want to succeed. Chances are you will push and you will try long enough.

So are you results addicted and where is your results barrier? Ask yourself these questions and the answers will help you find out:

How judgmental are you? The more you are willing to judge others and their choices and results in life; the louder your own inner critique is, the larger the chances that you give up. You need to supply results now to calm your judgment and feel right again.

How long did the thing you are most proud of in life take? How much longer do you think you could have pushed before giving up? This is about where your results barrier is.

The irony is that high results barrier and hard work would actually bring results you would never achieve otherwise. But they are not what you are focusing on. That is the beauty of being cured of Results Addiction. And how to get cured? Stay tuned…

Do you think you are results addicted? Share your thoughts bellow.

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