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November 13, 2013 Testimonials

Deep inside we all have the solutions to our problems, but sometimes it’s hard to find them. Thank you, Maya, for helping me understand this and find my solutions.

Petya A, SEO Manager

You have all the solutions to living your dream life inside you. There. How does that feel? Do you believe it? Do you sort of believe it? And if it is so, why the hell would you need a coach to tell you what you already know?

Lot’s of people ask themselves that one question – I find it to be the number one question, that could make you doubt the coaching concept. So, for the sake of proving nothing, but exploring that a little more, let’s discuss both possibilities.

You actually do not have all the solutions to living your dream life inside you. You probably do not have even half the solutions. I mean, it’s just you, right? And all the knowledge, much like in the X files, is out there. Maybe your mother has it – which is why it is good to really listen to her. Maybe all the educated, experienced, interesting people have it – which is why you look up to them.

So, if you do dare to wish living your dream life, at least to a certain point, here is what you need to do:

  • Go find all the people who have your answers and make a list of them
  • Ask them for advices on almost every step you take, cause hey – they know, right?
  • Buy them beer when you reach your goal through their advices

Does that plan appeal to you? Does it motivate you? If it does – great, go for it. And after you find yourself living somebody else’s life, read the second part of that article.

You really, really, almost exclusively have all the solutions to living your dream life inside you. Everything you need to do, learn, try – you know it. You have an idea how to do, learn and try it. Well, you have not really been able to explore it, cause you have to go to work to pay the rent, walk your dog and (if you’re anything like me) remind your partner to take out the trash. But every time you do what you love or reach your next goal – you feel like it’s all worth it.

So, let’s map those steps to living your dream life:

  • Find the time to sit on your knowledgeable butt and think about what is the big picture
  • Break the big picture to little pictures
  • Then break the little pictures to action plans
  • Then do those things you know you have to – no fear, no doubt – just do them!

Now, if that feel more like you, but your dog is barking already, your favourite show is on in 5 minutes and, well, you will most definitely do all that tomorrow – call a coach! Right now, procrastinator you! Any coach!

And then, when you live your dream life following your advices, buy yourself a beer. That’s what I call a win-win situation!

Maya Sayvanova

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