How to forget him

March 30, 2014 Relationship coaching

largeYou loved him and you were happy with him, but it is now over. Although you know this happens to million people every day, the pain is unbearable. You sometimes feel like you would sell your soul to forget him. Worry not, this won’t be necessary – here is one simple trick for getting over him.

Think about him as much as you can!

It is probably the opposite of many advises you have heard – to find other things to do; to focus on work; to get back in the game and replace him with another. These all are not bad suggestions, but we both know once you are alone and resting, your mind immediately goes to him and life becomes difficult again.

Consciously thinking about him may seem a little crazy, but it sort of works like reverse psychology. Every time your mind tries to go to something else, pull it back on him. Remember all your moments together again and again. Analyze everything he has said and done. Imagine how your relationship would continue. How would a day of you two together in 10 years look like. Then start it over.

By doing so, your mind will  almost relive the relationship and live its future. It will actually live it so many times, that it will get sick and tired of it. You will see how you will move from remembering everything and dreaming it would continue, to seeing why and how it was not exactly all you needed, to remembering only the good things, to taking the lessons and moving on. Not only this, but you will eventually get excited about all other possibilities in this world, because let’s face it, it is boring to only think of one thing again and again. So that’s exactly what you should do with him.

Sounds too good to be true? There is just one catch – you are allowed to think but never to act. Don’t be tempted to call him or go see him ‘by accident’. This is now between you and your mind only – keep it there.

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