Jealous Boyfriend: What to do with him?

June 15, 2015 Relationship coaching

Maya @ Blizzard to a BreezeAs you may know, I have 3 magic hats in my magic coaching closet – dating one, career one and business one. Today, after I chose my Monday outfit, I noticed the dating hat looked best with it. So I put it on and decided to share an answer of a question I see fairly often lately – and one causing many women to suffer.

Do you have a jealous boyfriend?

One of those women – Genesis – e-mailed me about a month ago. Here is what she asked:

” I have a younger boyfriend and I just turned 30. We are passionately in love with each other. But him, being quite possessive is very challenging to me. I noticed that whenever he got jealous he used to cut me off. How shall i deal with it? How to truly connect and inspire him to be a better man?” – Genesis

Here is something that can help.

jealous_boyfriendDo you face a similar challenge? Here is my answer to Genesis – I hope it helps you too:

Hello Genesis,

Thank you for contacting me with this great question.

First of all, I can feel you being very invested in this relationship and it’s important to you that he becomes a better man. But I would ask you this: how important is this to him? It really doesn’t matter how inspiring and connected you are – if he sees nothing wrong, he won’t do anything to change.

If I have to tell you the genuine cure for jealousy, that would be confidence. The way to help your man be confident is trusting him more with decisions, appreciating him, complimenting him, expressing gratitude, asking him for opinions and of course, having more sex.

Also, it is a fact that him being younger might be an obstacle when it comes to building a quality relationship. Cutting someone off because of jealousy is not a mature behavior and you should be very clear about not tolerating it.

But the bottom line I would like to share with you is this: while giving your best for this relationship, never feel guilty about how things unfold. Relationships only last if both members are equally invested in making them work. Don’t be the mother taking full responsibility of how her child behaves. Instead, be the woman who gives a lot and gets a lot in return. (tweet that!)



Whatever happened with men’s confidence, hm?

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