Money is Time, Love is Time, Life is Time

January 24, 2014 Deals and Events

The first time I heard that time is more than just time, I was 8 and someone on the TV quoted that “Time is money”.            realize-the-value-of-time

‘Really’ I thought, ‘How so?’

It took me 20 years to get where I am now, not only understating this quote, but ready to argue on it. Because in fact – Money is time.

I believe that the technical revolution of the last century really messed up our priorities. All of a sudden, machines stoop up over people, inventions over nature and money over time.  F.W. Taylor, the father of scientific management, proclaimed the human as the lazy dysfunctional part of an organization. The part, which needs severe control and is only used because there is not a machine to substitute it yet. Time was money because every second was measured in production and its profit and it seemed more obvious than ever.

A few years ago I read a business book. I can not remember its author for the life of me, but the way he thought, maybe nothing new to some, changed the way I was thinking about my time forever. He told the story of him struggling to pay rent while working on 3 jobs, sometimes up to 16 hours a day. “I was ready to sell more of my time for money, I just didn’t have any left” he explained, as he was forced by nature to spare some hours for sleeping and eating, and rest. This is when it first hit him – time is not made in a factory. You can not make the best of time by selling it in bulk quantities and keeping your expenses down. No, my friends. Time is a luxury good and the only way to sell it is to keep its price as high as possible.

So far, so good. This is where education comes in mind, and experience. Most importantly – basic sales skills, that people are now ready to declare a tool of the Devil, since we are surrounded by skilled salesman using their abilities to fill our space with crap. But sales skills are what can ultimately be the difference between a happy and an unhappy life. They give you the chance to make the most important sale in your life – to sell your time to a caring guardian. To a respectful new owner. To something or someone who will make you happy.

And work is part of that, thus money are. But it is not all about that, is it? You also want to give your time to the most precious people. You want to give your time to the most fun activities. You want to invest your time wisely in yourself, and if you are lucky – get more of it. Because it never comes back. It will never ever again be this year, this month, this day, this hour. This is why time is in the beginning and the end, end on top of everything. Money is time and love is time, joy is time and sadness is time. Life is time. Don’t you dare waste yours! Don’t you dare waste someone else’s!

Let this minute be the start of the rest of your time.

Maya Sayvanova

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