Never Celebrated Thanksgiving

November 23, 2013 Deals and Events

I am Bulgarian.

There are good and bad sides of being a Bulgarian, and we do have plenty of holidays. But we do not have Thanksgiving.

And I love the idea of it! I am not great with history, especially American history, which is obviously not something I have learned at school. But the idea of having a day, a week, or even a month (considering some of my USA friend’s posts in Facebook) to be thankful for everything you have in life trully excites me.

So this year I was seriously thinking about getting a turkey and mastering Thanksgiving recipies. I have been watching Food Network like crazy and been wondering where would I get all the ingredients. It was right about the time I was wondering how will I master the cranberries sauce that I realised the food is just a part of it.

It’s not about the turkey, and it’s not about the history. It’s not even about the practicality of being thankful. It’s about stating where you are in life and realizing the good of this position. “I am here, I have this in my life, and those people, and these events. I have this food and these possibilities. I have myself and my actions – and there is someone who is thankful for me being in this world.”

So I am going at my mom’s this Thanksgiving – to celebrate something I never did – and she never did either. Is there like a franchize on sale for the last Thursday of November? Because I would love to get it for Bulgaria – and the world!

I would love us to be thankful and appreciating.

Thank you, America! Thank you for Thanksgiving!

PS. We do have a Forgivness day, where you can get and give forgivness for all wrong you did and others did to you. Call that optimistic, huh?

Maya Sayvanova



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