March 4, 2014 Testimonials
Maya is a very competent coach. From our first session I knew that I can trust her. She speaks clearly and professionally and at the same time creates a friendly atmosphere.
I started attending coaching sessions because I didn’t feel motivated enough to act towards my goal. Maya listened to me carefully and together we found out that every time I had achieved something before, I was pushing myself towards my goal. However, that didn’t work anymore. She suggested that I stop pushing myself and wait till I’m ready. This point of view caused a miracle.  The very next day I could do more for my future than I did before using the old strategy of pushing myself.
I found Maya also very supportive and motivating. She gave me a feeling that I can achieve anything I want. I just need to do small steps towards my goals. Now I’m sure that I can be whatever I want to be. Thanks to Maya.
Olga A.
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