On-line Seminars (60-90 min)


£29 Basics of Management Webinar


This is the perfect webinar for you if:

-You are interested to know more about the study of management

-You would like to get promoted to a managing position, but don’t know a lot about management itself

-You have recently been promoted to managing position and could use some tools

-You are considering starting a business

Participating in this webinar is a quick, easy, affordable way to learn the very basics of management. It includes:

  • Brief History of the study of Management
  • Types of Management
  • Basic rule and tools
  • 4 practical steps to becoming Irreplaceable

Basics of Management webinar is developed by Maya Sayvanova. Maya has a BA in Management and 6 years experience in managing both people and projects.

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When: 9th of January, 6.30pm GMT

Length: 1.5 hours

Limited places available!