The “New Year’s Resolutions” Game 2014

November 25, 2013 Deals and Events

3 months life coaching give away in 2014

All participants get 20% off all life coaching sessions and seminars in 2014

I don’t know about you, but every time New Year approaches, first thing in my head is “Oh God, time flies!”. Doesn’t it?

And of course, after that there is the urge for the New Year’s Resolution. Any of the top 5 resolutions sound familiar to you?

1. I will spend more time with family & friends
2. I will start going to the gym regularly / lose some weight
3. I will save more money
4. I will quit smoking
5. I will learn something new

It’s almost like making a wish and believing in the magic of 1st of January, when little fairies will arrive and give you magical powers.

Unfortunately, Blizzard to a Breeze does not employ little fairies yet, they just hate working behind desks but we are sure our life-coaches’ abilities and your strong motivation can make dreams come true!

Here is how it works:

1. Go to and fill out the Ask A Question form, telling us what is your New Years resolution!
2. One of you will win 3 months of Free Coaching ( 9 Classic Sessions). Winner will be announced on 5th of January.
3. All participants will get 20% off any Blizzard to a Breeze services all through 2014

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