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June 4, 2015 Career coaching, Relationship coaching

IMG_6616 copyI wonder what happened to doing. In this day and age, we are all about thinking. Cause we’re smart. But are we really?

Here’s the deal. I am a coach, so I am all for thinking. When people get lost in all voices in their head, they call me. And pay me. Yey.

But every once in a while you have to give something away. So here is a surprisingly simple, free tip that could change your life.

Go out there and DO something!

The two most common questions I give this answer to are:

1. How to find my passion job?

2. How to find the love of my life?

how to meet menThere is a lot of thinking involved in trying to solve these problems. Because they are big. Life changing. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, GIGANTIC PROBLEMS. So we stop cold and say to ourselves

“I better think well about this one.” And so we make lists of the man we are looking for and read job descriptions. But deep inside we all know the best way to test the water is to dip our toes in it.

So go out there. I mean it! Go on dates and start relationships. Go on job interviews and do internships. It’s not a big deal if you do it right. How to do it right? Ditch the “All or Nothing” mindset and leave things in the middle when you feel they are not right.(Tweet That!) Men are big boys and will handle it. So will businesses.

The funny part is when you do find your dream job you usually feel like “Duh! It has always been so obvious I like doing that!”. But you only get that feeling after you find it, not while you are looking and thinking about it. It’s the same with guys. I have dated a tad more than I’d like to admit (and that my husband would like me to admit), but I know had I not, I wouldn’t have had the full confidence that my husband was my man soon after I first met him. Because you can’t know if you don’t try, and thinking is not trying.(Tweet That!)

Why NOT to do something.

Now let’s diFind the right jobscuss the cracks in my theory, which I know your “thinking you” screams about right now. First of all, I don’t mean that you should stop thinking all together. It’s still perfectly acceptable to have requirements and barriers. But they don’t have to stop you. You can go out with guys for quite the long time before sleeping with them. In fact, I dare you to try. It’s a filthy lie that most of them lose interest in a couple of dates and if they do, move on to the next one.

You also can “test-drive” a few careers and quit if you don’t like them. “Oh, but what about my perfect CV then?” If you work for your CV, what a sad life that is! Except you want to put your CV on your headstone, which I am guessing you don’t. Trying things out will give you knowledge, which is much more valuable. Also, you get to chose what to put on your CV anyway. You can exclude your teen job as pool attendant and you can exclude those last 6 months you tried something you didn’t like. Plus, what if you decide to start a business down the road? How would you justify your perfect CV then?

So quit thinking and worrying, and even reading this article. There is a world of men, careers and possibilities out there. Go find it.

My name is Maya and I help women be in happy relationships while having amazing careers. If you want to be noted when I write something here or get some real cool ideas to apply in your personal and professional life, join Blizzard to a Breeze mailing list bellow (+ you get a cool gift if you do). I promise you will love it!

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