What to wear to make him fall in love

March 28, 2014 Relationship coaching


Whether it is someone you like and see often, a date you are preparing for, or wanting to look fabulous for your man, it could be a tricky business. Your style can be amazing and still not push his buttons – for there are specific looks men love. Here is some fashion advice that will win his heart.

Red – is the color of passion. A man’s eye is instantly attracted to red. Of course, it will then check everything else, but still – it is a great signal to a man that you are sexy and confident.

High  Waist – not only is it classy and elegant, but it is an awesome substitute of low necks and short skirts. Why? Because it both underlines your legs and makes them look endless and underlines your bust. Also, it attracts a certain type of men that you would really like to attract…

High heels – well, this is pretty obvious. Of course, it is not needed that you walk on 8 inches daily. But finding comfortable heels is a must for a woman. Not only does it prolong your legs and makes you look feminine, it also changes your posture for the better. What more could you want from a shoe?

Necklace – a good necklace underlines your shoulders and neck, which are very sensual parts of your body. Chosen and placed well, it also brings attention to your bust in a delicate way and he won’t be able to look away.

The Little Black Dress – has no need for justification. It is smart as much as it is sexy. Not to mention that next to red, black is among the sexiest colors for men.

Beautiful Underwear – no, this is not for him to see. But it will give you great confidence and that special bounce in your walk. Do you remember how Joey from Friends recognized when Monica was wearing new underwear? There you have it.

Of course, the woman you are is above all fashion tips, but it doesn’t hurt to use all our resources, does it?

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