What’s the attitude to get him to propose

March 28, 2014 Relationship coaching


Ever since arranged marriages lost their popularity in the western world, women have faced this challenge. You love each other and are in a relationship for while, but how to get to the next step without looking like a crazy desperate chick and loosing him. Here is a winning strategy:

Be sexy – this is the way to get his attention and to keep his attention for many years to come. Whether you are still in the flirting faze or a few years in a relationship, you should do your best to look smoking hot almost all the time.

Be confident – in the beginning of the seduction game, this means do not sleep with him. The longer you manage to keep his attention without sleeping with him, the better chance you have for a meaningful lasting relationship. Instead, use this time to be his friend, be funny, be smart, show him what an interesting and cool person you are. This is the time to be the queen, to be picky and spoiled. If you are already in a relationship, it is ok that you have slept with him, but you still have to show this confident side of you.

Be cute – once you have slept with him, you should be the cutest girl possible. Support him, take interest in him. You have already shown your edges and he has pushed through them, it’s time for him to get his award. Regardless of how freaked out you feel about where this is going, you should be calm, fully trusting in him and his feelings and the cutest thing in this world. This is the faze where he should start taking care of you, give you his jacket when you are cold and bring you soup. Do not call him first after sex. It is said that men marry cute girls.Yes, if you are only that and nothing else, he will get sick and tired and start to look for fun outside the relationship, but all and all this is probably the most important role a woman can play to make a man see a future.

Be caring – after he has proven you that he wants this relationship to last – a ring, maybe you two living together – then and only then you are allowed to take care of him. You can cook him his favorite meal or give him a foot rub when he is tired. You should avoid giving a man money you have made. He is a man and bringing material benefits is what makes him happy and confident. All you should do is be the sexy, cute, confident, caring about him woman, who gives him the power and motivation to concur the world.

So, this is it. Not that difficult, huh? As long as you are a hot, cute, confident lady, who supports him, but refuses to be his mother (or at least not before a ring), you will get what you want of him. Of course, as men are literal creatures, you may drop a hint you would like to get married, but if it’s been 2 or more years waiting for this, I strongly recommend you pack your bags. You are better than this, girl.

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